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Jennifer Steinkamp

Title: Moth 05, 2012
Medium: Digital projection,
Courtesy: The Artist and Lehmann Maupin, New York and Hong Kong
Location: Lower Ground floor

In this mysterious and beautiful work Moth 05, Jennifer Steinkamp uses digital animation techniques to create a lyrical billowing rendition of fabric that shows the unmistakable traces of moths’ presence. This work takes its title from a short essay by Virginia Woolf, who described the final moments of a moth’s life. This work was created for an exhibition in Philadelphia’s Fabric Workshop and Museum, where Steinkamp learned that moths kill fabric. In India where women inherit cupboards full of sarees and build upon these collections during their lifetimes, the power of moths and insects to eat at history is a well-known reality. This hypnotic work evokes a sense of vulnerability, reminding us that our biggest ambitions can be undone by the smallest of things.

Jennifer Steinkamp is one of the most celebrated video artists in the world, and her work employs computer animation and new media to create projection installations in order to explore ideas about architectural space, motion and perception. She is a pioneer in the field of digital art. Her digitally animated works make use of the relationship between actual space and illusionistic space, creating environments in which the roles of the viewers and the art objects become blurred. In addition to showing at some of the most important exhibitions in the world such as the Istanbul and Gwangju Biennales, Steinkamp has also created works for the concert tours of legendary musicians such as U2. This is the first time she’s exhibiting in India.