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LN Tallur

Title: Juggernaut- 2, 2013
Medium: Bronze, Iron, Cow dung, Cement and Silicon
Courtesy: The artist and Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai
Location: Ground floor

This work, Juggernaut 2, was created by Bangalore and South Korea based sculptor LN Tallur (b. 1971), who was awarded the 2013 Skoda prize, India’s top award for a contemporary artist. This impressive bronze form is accented by cow dung, cement, and silicon. Evoking a sense of revolving, this work alludes to the Jagannath Ratha Yatra that is held annually in Orissa. In this festival, the idol of the Lord Jagannath is carried on a chariot, and often as the chariot moves, people are killed under the crushing weight of the idol, offering their ultimate sacrifice to god. The title of the work, Juggernaut, comes from the God Jagannath- an unstoppable crushing force.

LN Tallur has a background in Museology (the study of how museums are developed and run) as well as Art History, and his work references classical Indian sculptures and mythology to create striking contemporary sculptures that blur one’s sense of time.

This work is on generous loan from Gallery Chemould Prescott Road in Mumbai