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Gigi Scaria

Title: Steps of Predicament, 2011
Medium: Aluminum Fabricated Sheet, Mirror Glass, Steel Poll and Paint
Courtesy: The artist and Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai
Location: Ground floor

In this towering sculpture Steps of Predicament, New Delhi based artist Gigi Scaria (b. 1973) investigates how social hierarchies are created within new urban developments and the challenges of surviving in that system. Inhabitable urban space is limited, so vertical development is inevitable and whole cities are created in the sky. It’s an endless and pointless climb to the top, and planned to the point that the climb loses its excitement and wonder. The buildings are so formulaic that Scaria’s sculpted city loses individual character and is instead just an imposing lifeless structure.

Scaria has been receiving increased international attention for representing modern India through videos, sculptures, photographs, drawings, and paintings, and has shown at important exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale and the Singapore Biennale, where this work was originally exhibited. Scaria’s work explores urban spaces in India and the architectural structures and social spaces that are rapidly changing as India develops. The works are comical and ironic, but remind us of the perils which come with new development where space is limited and one’s history and past are completely forgotten.

Gigi Scaria’s work is on generous loan from Gallery Chemould Prescott Road in Mumbai