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Manish Nai

Title: Untitled, 2013
Medium: Newspaper, Glue, Wood in two forms
Courtesy: The artist and Mirchandani & Steinruecke

Mumbai based artist Manish Nai (b. 1980) compressed thousands of pages of newspaper and created these sculptures that change the way we see the news, while reminding us of the potential for beauty found in recycling. Newspapers can be found expressing vastly different points of view and in many different languages. In his work, Nai removes these barriers to understanding the world around us and creates two forms that everyone can connect to, free of any potential bias.

Manish Nai is famous for works such as these, which create new forms from crushed everyday disposable objects such as jute thread, glue, and newspaper. Nai creates sensitive, sculptural art works that are also monuments to the artist’s personal history: he began using jute thread as a medium when his father lost the family jute business. Nai’s work serves as a testament to India’s entrepreneurial embrace of new ideas. At his young age, he is already beginning to receive international recognition for his works.