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Mehreen Murtaza

Title: HU, 2013
Duration: 1 minute 18 seconds
Courtesy: The artist and Experimenter
, Kolkata

“Thanks to the discovery of the most basic vibration in the universe “HU” (where electrons are moving around the nucleus in a state of hyperactivity) near Mount Sinai by the Bureau of Land Management , a special unit of the President’s personal army is able to construct new cities in a few hours, and so extend their influence all over the continent.” “HU” is a powerful sound that has its roots in ancient Sufi-ism, reverberating the most basic vibrations in the universe, in a way that can transcend the sense of time and space for the listener. Playing off of the idea of the power of meditation and “OM” in this sound work, Pakistani artist Mehreen Murtaza explores the power of the sound “HU,” which is the beginning and end of all sounds, be they from man, bird, beast, or thing.

Born in Saudi Arabia, artist Mehreen Murtaza’s work explores broad themes of human existence and the progresses of modern of civilization. In her digital art, Murtaza dissects consumption patterns, and attempts to understand the intersecting worlds of technology and nature. Murtaza works to examine iconography over many levels of discourse, including religion, technology, and myth.

 Some of the places she has exhibited include the Frieze Art Fair in London, Art Dubai, the Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, and the Devi Art Foundation in New Delhi.