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Ravinder Reddy

Title: Head, 2010
Gilded Polyester Resin and Fiberglass
Courtesy: The artist and Apparao Galleries, Chennai
Location: Ground Floor

This golden head sculpture is by Ravinder Reddy (b. 1956), a Visakhapatnam-based sculptor who is one of the most internationally recognized Indian artists, for large sculptures very similar to this one. This ornate and intricate head of a South Indian woman reflects Indian craft traditions with a pop art flair. The back of the sculpture is just as impressive as the front, with intricate details such as the jewelry and the woman’s traditional hairstyle with floral adornments.

While he is most famous for works similar to this head, Reddy’s sculptures come in many different bright colors and in various sizes. His works highlight the relevance and appeal of traditional Indian beauty in the contemporary world and create a sense of reverence for it. The sculptures are often gilded in gold, giving them an aura of iconography, and celebrate the strong force of women in Chennai and the rest of India.

Ravinder Reddy’s work is on generous loan from Apparao Galleries in Chennai