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Rooshad Shroff

Title: Information Desk, 2012
Collection of Phoenix Market City, Chennai
Location: Ground Floor

The information desk was conceived by Mumbai-based architect and designer Rooshad Shroff as a monolithic piece that allows for a strong physical presence within an entrance of the mall. Sculptural in nature, this desk was the resultant of the intersection of a diagonal elliptical tube piercing a rectangular body, thus creating an intriguing form that allows for a glimpse of the other side though the openings created.  Fabricated in Corian, a seamless dual toned curvilinear form is achieved. The strong contrast between a matte black exterior and a glossy white interior accentuates the geometric play of the form. Shroff has also designed the valet desk at the front entrance along similar lines. Shroff’s work is internationally acclaimed and inspired by his time working with the master architect Zaha Hadid.